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29 May 2019 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 2 Aug 2019

NICVA is delighted to be working with a strong, experienced delivery team for its first ILM level 7 Award in Leadership and Management. The programme has been developed specifically for the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland.

It is a privilege to work with people with such a range of expertise, wealth of knowledge and valuable experience . Joanne Zebedee has 10 years developing ILM level 7 programmes so its great that she has developed this programme for us and will deliver the three training sessions.  Dr John Kelly is our guest speaker and facilitator on the first day and will engage us in "whole brain learning", helping us to learn about ourselves. Joy Allen, Martin Magennis and Anne McCormick will be involved in the action learning sets and assessment process and lend us their excellent facilitation and coaching skills.

The programme starts in September will last for three months combining workshops and taught sessions with action learning sets and self-directed learning. There will be a further three months for you to continue your learning through further research and completion of your assignment. The online induction is 10 June. If you are interested in this programme more information is available here. Please book on before 6 June 2019.

Joanne Zebedee

Joanne is the owner-manager of Zebedee Training and Consultancy which specialises in level 7 management and leadership delivery; advising on quality systems required to support vocational qualifications; organisational culture and structure, and change management programmes. She has delivered programmes in management and leadership, and coaching, for 15 years and has over 10 years experience delivering level 7 programmes. She has been an External Quality Assurer with ILM for over 15 years and has held the position of Quality manager for ILM in Ireland, advising on quality systems and programmes within all ILM centres in Ireland and supporting strategic direction within the organisation.

Joanne has been a member of a number of boards and committees, including chairperson of Women Aloud NI, Titancon committee and a period of school governorship. She holds a masters level qualification in leadership and management as well as level 5 coaching and mentoring, in addition to her first degree. Jo’s current and most recent work includes: Design, delivery and assessment level 7 certificate in Leadership and Management, Training for Women network; Design of blended learning materials, Learning Pool; Consultancy support for structural change review, NICMA. Just to spice things up, in her spare time she also writes science fiction novels.

Martin Magennis

Martin is an experienced Consultant Trainer who specializes in the design and delivery of management and leadership development solutions on behalf of his core clients. As the co-founder of TIME Associates in August 1998, Martin possesses over 25 years of experience in the field of learning and development. Martin often draws upon his strong interest and background in human psychology, in particular human behaviours and personality types. Martin is a member of the Institute of Business Consulting as well as being a licensed Practitioner with Insights Discovery. He is the ILM Centre Manager for his own Consultancy, TIME Associates and is a qualified assessor and internal verifier.

Martin has been an approved Investor in People Practitioner for nearly 20 years. He is currently involved in the delivery of ILM programmes in India and is working closely with Universities both in India and in Northern Ireland (Ulster University) in relation to the delivery of vocational management qualifications, including level 7. Martin is a qualified Coach and is currently working towards achieving further qualifications with the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Genos International (Emotional Intelligence-based Coaching qualification).

Anne McCormick

Anne is an experienced coach and coaching supervisor. She has over 15 years of leadership development activities across Health and Social Care sector in N. Ireland including coaching element of individual participants. She has delivered Leadership Programmes including 1-1 coaching- Director level, as well as Systemic Team coaching in 2 integrated schools and was Executive Coach to Macmillan Cancer -national Coaching programme. Anne is currently an independent coach and coaching training consultant, previously she was Senior Leadership consultant at HSC and ILM centre manager. Prior to that she was a senior social worker in Training and Development. Anne was an approved Investors in People Adviser for 18 years and brings a wealth of knowledge in leadership, coaching and professional development.

Dr John Kelly

John is an Education and Learning Consultant. He qualified in Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast in 1974 and became in involved with education in 1990 when his educational work and medical background focused his interest on the role of the brain in people learn. He formed Fingerprint Learning in 2007 to inform and encourage people of all ages to engage with the benefits of ‘whole brain learning’. The individuality of how someone learns is like a learning ‘fingerprint’. When it is recognised in the teaching process learning is not only more successful but also rewarding.

Dr Kelly has delivered Level 5 diploma training for NICVA and Level 7 Senior Management training for South Eastern Regional College. He has also been involved in the design of this Level 7 programme. He co-authored the ground-breaking EntreBRAINeur Studies (1 and 2) with Dr Brian Cummins of Stranmillis University College into the Learning Preferences of Entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland and Entrepreneurship and Further Education. These were commissioned by the  Department for Employment and Learning (DEL). This research has led to the development of the Business Mindset Profiles for identifying the mindsets for innovation and process-orientation in a team and how to build a balanced team for maximum collaboration.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

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