Improving your communication skills with NICVA and Bespoke Communications

16 Dec 2019 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 4 Feb 2020

We can help you effectively communicate the difference that you make through our new improved Communications Series in 2020 in partnership with Bespoke Communications.

In your organisation, what you do is changing lives. Your work is helping families and communities to overcome great difficulties, but do you sometimes struggle to effectively communicate your impact?  Your work in the future relies on you being able to demonstrate the value of the important work that you’re doing today.  You want to show your community, your funders, your donors and supporters the impact for every penny that they invest in your organisation.  But where do you even begin?

The good news is that demonstrating impact doesn’t have to be hard work.  You’ve got all the resources you need already.  You know the stories of the people that you work with better than anyone.   If you can tell those stories in a way that connects, you’re already half way there.

NICVA has been working with Bespoke Communications over the last 2 years to develop and deliver this range of communications sessions as part of our training calendar, so that you can learn what you need to do to tell your story so that your audience really listens. We have added a couple of new training sessions in response to what you have been asking us for. Here Sarah Travers tells us more

These sessions are targeted at our Media Connect members, but they are open to anyone in our sector.  They provide the opportunity for you to develop and hone your skills and increase your confidence when working with the media. Media Connect is an online platform that connects voluntary sector expertise with journalists and media professionals. If you are not already a member of Media Connect please consider signing up today. 

The five parts of this programme are - 

Managing the Media with Sarah Travers 15 Jan and Managing the Media with Sarah Travers on 7 April

Social Media for Impact 12 Feb and Social Media for Impact 20 May

NEW Persuasive Presenting with Sarah Travers 11 March and 25 March (two half-days course)

Video Storytelling 12 March

NEW The Power of the Case Study 23 March

These will all be interactive, practical training sessions giving you the skills and confidence to communicate your impact better.

You can attend all five sessions or as many as you like. You need to book for each session separately online. We expect the demand to be high for these courses and places are strictly  limited due to the practical nature of the training sessions, so if you are interested please book your place as soon as possible.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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