Let’s #HelpEachOther: Volunteering to Support Covid-19

27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 27 Mar 2020

Update from Volunteer Now on how they continue to encourage and support volunteering during this challenging time. Lots of useful resources and advice.

Volunteering is at the heart of our communities and, particularly at this time, we have seen our altruism and generosity come to the fore.   In order to support the volunteer movement, Volunteer Now have been working closely with Government Departments, Trusts and voluntary organisations throughout NI, to provide support and guidance at this difficult time.  Volunteer Now has: 

  • Launched #HelpEachOther giving people an opportunity to register their interest in volunteering to support those who need it most.  Volunteers can register here where they will receive dedicated COVID-19 roles and receive regular contact from Volunteer Now.
  • Organisations wishing to recruit volunteers to support their efforts can register their volunteering opportunities on our website our team are on hand to support you upload your opportunities and navigate the system. It’s a fantastic volunteer management system enabling you to tailor registration forms, assign shifts and communicate with volunteers.  If you need support please email Jamie Greer
  • For those organisations who have resources that could possibly be used, such as teams of staff/volunteers, buildings, vehicles, equipment etc., we would be interested in hearing about it.  Please email Antje Otto
  • Good practice guidance for volunteers, organisations and those undertaking informal volunteering  in order to support everyone as they provide essential support keeping in mind the need to keep themselves and those they support safe.  We are very conscious of the scams and potential for abuse that can occur for both those being supported and those supporting. Here is the link to our new COIVD-19 information sheets. There are 3 separate sheets as we recognise that there are 3 audiences at the moment: 
  1. organisations that involve volunteers in COVID-19 related roles
  2. volunteers in organisations carrying out COVID-19 related roles
  3. informal volunteers that are carrying out COVID-19 related activities without the support of an organisation  

For any further information or guidance in relation to volunteering and COVID-19 please email: [email protected]        

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by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

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