Loaf Catering at NICVA - new menu gives you more choice

You will now have more options to choose from when considering catering for your event at NICVA with an updated menu from Loaf Catering.

Loaf Catering has been providing the catering service to NICVA for 18 months now and between us we have agreed an updated menu with more choices available for users of our conference facilities. Whilst there are some price increases, we have worked closely with Loaf to maintain great value, tasty food options to cater for all your events at NICVA.

Loaf's baker bakes fresh wheaten and foccacia breads daily and these are included in the new menu. Great value lunch options such as soup and half a sandwich or soup and wheaten bread have been added to the menu to give you more choice for a lighter lunch. For a more hearty feed, especially in the colder months, the homemade hot meals are a popular option. 

The new menu, including pricing is available here. For more details on meeting your catering needs, please contact Margaret Thompson at NICVA on 028 9087 7777 or email Margaret at [email protected].

Note: Please note a 10% handling charge is added to all food items (excluding beverages and biscuits). In the interests of health and safety we cannot allow our customers to bring their own food into NICVA. Please speak to a member of our staff who will endeavour to meet your specific needs or dietary requirements and full allergen information is available on request.

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