LRA publishes Guide to the Covid-19 Vaccination and the Workplace

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This week the LRA (Labour Relations Agency) published its new guide to support employees and employers with managing vaccination issues in the workplace.

The Practical Guide to the Covid-19 Vaccination and the Workplace developed by the LRA covers a range of issues which employers and employees may face relating to the Covid-19 vaccination and includes a policy template for employers wishing to have a framework in place for dealing with these.

As part of the guidance, the LRA have highlighted some 'key takeaways' which include:

  • Consider introducing a ‘COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace’ policy document.
  • Approach the issue of vaccination in a voluntary and encouraging way.
  • Be aware of the potential legal issues and risks that underpin the wording and implementation of a policy.
  • Always take into account fact sensitivities when applying a policy.
  • Strive to retain effective and harmonious employment relations regarding the implementation of a policy.

The guidance document is attached to this article and can be accessed on the LRA website via the link above.

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