Lyra McKee Journalist killed doing her job

19 Apr 2019     Last updated: 19 Apr 2019

Lyra McKee

NICVA is appalled to learn of the senseless murder of Lyra McKee.  Lyra was a great journalist interested in people and was making a positive contribution to society unlike her killers.

She was inspired by the possibilities offered by the Good Friday Agreement and the challenges that faced young people particularly in terms of economic inequality.  She was on the side of the less well off.  Those who killed her, perversely, will say they are too.  They are not.

Aged 23 Lyra made a video for NICVA to go with our ‘Creating the Good Economy Conference’ in January 2013. 

Creating the Good Economy for Life - GenerationY from NICVA on Vimeo.


Sadly, Lyra has had her life taken away for nothing.  NICVA expresses its sincere condolences to Lyra’s family and friends.

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