Make It Work

NICVA is part of the Make It Work campaign launched today.

We believe that the current talks process offers an important opportunity for our politicians, and all those with a shared responsibility, to resolve and agree some of the very difficult issues facing our community.

We recognise that significant progress has been made over the past years, and we also acknowledge that there are still many challenges ahead.

We have come together to offer our encouragement and support to all of those involved in the process.

We accept that the range of outcomes will probably involve accommodations along the way.

However, through agreement we firmly believe that these talks provide a critical opportunity to move forward together in the interests of our community, and to secure a better future for all.

We invite you to join us in expressing your support at and @makeitworktoday


Dr Bro McFerran OBE, Patrick Yu - Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, Baroness May Blood MBE, Kevin Kingston - President, Nl Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gerry Kindlon - Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, Colin Walsh - Chairman, CBI Northern Ireland, Paul Terrington - Chairman, Institute of Directors Northern Ireland, Most Rev Richard L. Clarke - Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev Eamon C.  Martin - Archbishop of Armagh, Rt Rev Dr Michael Barry - Moderator  of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Rev Peter D. Murray - President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Mr Mervyn McCullagh - Executive Officer, Irish Council of Churches, Peter Lynas - Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, Peter Bunting - Assistant General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Debbie Watters - Northern Ireland Alternatives, Seamus McAleavey - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA), Fr Gary Donegan - Rector, Holy Cross Ardoyne, Peter McBride - Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health (NIAMH), Charter Northern Ireland, Peter Sheridan - Cooperation Ireland, Jim Roddy - City Centre Manager, Derry-Londonderry, Ryan Feeney, Gary  Mason - Journey Towards Healing

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