Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Chairs in 2019-20

Following the election on 2 May, Councils across Northern Ireland have been holding annual general meetings to elect positions of responsibility for 2019/20.

Please note this list is currently incomplete. The list includes (Lord) Mayors, Deputy (Lord) Mayors and Chairpersons of Council Committees. This page will be updated as and when the election of office bearers has been confirmed by those Councils yet to do so. For further information, please contact [email protected].

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Antrim and Newtownabbey

Ards and North Down

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon


Causeway Coast and Glens

Derry City and Strabane

Fermanagh and Omagh

Lisburn and Castlereagh

Mid and East Antrim

Mid Ulster

Newry, Mourne and Down


Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

Chief Executive: Jacqui Dixon

Mayor: Alderman John Smyth (DUP)

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Anne Marie Logue (Sinn Féin)


Audit Committee

Chair: Councillor Michael Goodman (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Vikki McAuley (Alliance)

Community Planning and Regeneration Committee

Chair: Councillor Vera McWilliam (UUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Paul Dunlop (DUP)

Operations Committee

Chair: Councillor Julian McGrath (Alliance)

Vice Chair: Councillor Mark Cooper (DUP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Alderman Phillip Brett (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Roisin Lynch (SDLP)

Policy and Governance Committee

Chair: Alderman Thomas Hogg (DUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Danny Kinahan (UUP)


Ards and North Down Borough Council

Chief Executive: Stephen Reid

Mayor: Alderman Bill Keery (DUP)

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Karen Douglas (Alliance)


Audit Committee

Chair: Alderman Marion Smith (UUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Wesley Irvine (DUP)

Community and Wellbeing Committee

Chair: Alderman Angus Carson (UUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Jimmy Menagh (Ind.)

Corporate Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Jennifer Gilmour (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Tom Smith (Ind.)

Environment Committee

Chair: Councillor Lorna McAlpine (Alliance)

Vice Chair: Councillor Richard Smart (UUP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Alderman Stephen McIlveen (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Gavin Walker (Alliance)

Regeneration and Development Committee

Chair: Councillor Stephen Dunlop (Green Party)

Vice Chair: Alderman Marion Smith (UUP)


Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

Chief Executive: Roger Wilson

Lord Mayor: Councillor Mealla Campbell (SDLP)

Deputy Lord Mayor: Councillor Margaret Tinsley (DUP)


Economic Development and Regeneration Committee

Chair: Alderman Stephen Moutray (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Garath Keating (Sinn Féin)

Environmental Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Bróna Haughey (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Brian Pope (Alliance)

Governance, Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Councillor Julie Flaherty (UUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Kevin Savage (Sinn Féin)

Leisure and Community Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Catherine Nelson (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Alderman Paul Rankin (DUP)

Performance and Audit Committee

Chair: Councillor Liam Mackle (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Alderman Sydney Anderson (DUP)

Planning and Regulatory Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Sam Nicholson (UUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Gareth Wilson (DUP)


Belfast City Council

Chief Executive: Suzanne Wylie

Lord Mayor: Councillor John Finucane (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Lord Mayor: Councillor Peter McReynolds (Alliance)


Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Hall Ltd Shareholders Committee

Chair: Councillor Sian Mulholland (Alliance)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Anthony Flynn (Green Party)

Brexit Committee

Chair: Councillor Seamas de Faoite (SDLP)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Ronan McLaughlin (Sinn Féin)

City Growth and Regeneration Committee

Chair: Councillor Deirdre Hargey (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Carole Howard (Alliance)

Licensing Committee

Chair: Councillor Shauneen Baker (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor John Hussey (DUP)

People and Communities Committee

Chair: Councillor Michael Collins (People Before Profit)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Dr John Kyle (PUP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Arder Carson (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor David Brooks (DUP)

Strategic Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Alderman Brian Kingston (DUP)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Kate Nicholl (Alliance)


Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

Chief Executive: David Jackson

Mayor: Councillor Sean Bateson (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Mayor: Alderman Sharon McKillop (DUP)


Audit Committee

Chair: Councillor John McAuley (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Leanne Peacock (Sinn Féin)

Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Councillor Cara McShane (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Kathleen McGurk (Sinn Féin)

Environmental Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Angela Mulholland (SDLP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Yvonne Boyle (Alliance)

Leisure and Development Committee

Chair: Councllor Aaron Callan (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Margaret-Anne McKillop (SDLP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Sandra Hunter (UUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Cathal McLaughlin (Sinn Féin)


Derry City and Strabane District Council

Chief Executive: John Kelpie

Mayor: Councillor Michaela Boyle (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Cara Hunter (SDLP)


Assurance, Audit and Risk Committee

Chair: Councillor Gary Donnelly (Ind.)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Mary Durkan (SDLP)

Business and Culture Committee

Chair: Councillor Shauna Cusack (SDLP)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Anne McCloskey (Aontú)

Environment and Regeneration Committee

Chair: Councillor Martin Reilly (SDLP)

Deputy Chair: TBC

Governance and Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: TBC

Deputy Chair: TBC

Health and Community Committee

Chair: Councillor Paul Fleming (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Rachael Ferguson (Alliance)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Christopher Jackson (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Shaun Harkin (People Before Profit)

Rural Committee

Chair: TBC

Deputy Chair: TBC


Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Chief Executive: Brendan Hegarty

Chairperson: Councillor Siobhán Currie (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chairperson: Councillor Diana Armstrong (UUP)


Environmental Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Barry McElduff (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: TBC

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Mary Garrity (SDLP)

Vice Chair: TBC

Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Councillor Anthony Feely (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: TBC

Regeneration and Community Committee

Chair: Councillor Thomas O'Reilly (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: TBC


Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

Chief Executive: David Burns

Mayor: Councillor Alan Givan (DUP)

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Johnny McCarthy (SDLP)


Capital Projects Committee

Chair: Councillor Thomas Beckett (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Gary McCleave (Sinn Féin)

Corporate Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Ryan Carlin (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Alderman Paul Porter (DUP)

Development Committee

Chair: Alderman Allan Ewart (DUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Jim Dillon (UUP)

Environmental Services Committee

Chair: Alderman James Baird (UUP)

Vice Chair: Alderman Tim Morrow (Alliance)

Governance and Audit Committee

Chair: Councillor John Gallen (SDLP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Sorcha Eastwood (Alliance)

Leisure and Community Development Committee

Chair: Alderman James Tinsley (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Hazel Legge (UUP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Jonathan Craig (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Owen Gawith (Alliance)


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Chief Executive: Anne Donaghy

Mayor: Councillor Maureen Morrow (UUP)

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Beth Adger (DUP)


Audit and Scrutiny Committee

Chair: Councillor Brian Collins (TUV)

Vice Chair: Councillor Robin Cherry (UUP)

Borough Growth Committee

Chair: Councillor Gregg McKeen (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Eugene Reid (SDLP)

Direct Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Cheryl Johnston (DUP)

Vice Chair: Cllr Angela Smyth (DUP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Robert Logan (Alliance)

Vice Chair: Councillor Bobby Hadden (Ind.)

Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Councillor Patricia O’Lynn (Alliance)

Vice Chair: Councillor Danny Donnelly (Alliance)


Mid Ulster District Council

Chief Executive: Anthony Tohill

Chairperson: Councillor Martin Kearney (SDLP)

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Clement Cuthbertson (DUP)


Audit Committee

Chair: Councillor Ronan McGinley (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Walter Cuddy (UUP)

Development Committee

Chair: Councillor Trevor Wilson (UUP)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Barry Monteith (Ind.)

Environment Committee

Chair: Councillor Wilbert Buchanan (DUP)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Sean McGuigan (Sinn Féin)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Cathal Mallaghan (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Wills Robinson (DUP)

Policy and Resources Committee

Chair: Councillor Dominic Molloy (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chair: Councillor Malachy Quinn (SDLP)


Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

Chief Executive: Liam Hannaway

Chairperson: Councillor Charlie Casey (Sinn Féin)

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Terry Andrews (SDLP)


Active and Healthy Communities Committee

Chair: Councillor Liz Kimmins (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Mark Gibbons (Ind.)

Enterprise, Reneration and Tourism Committee

Chair: Councillor Roisin Mulgrew (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Dermot Curran (SDLP)

Neighbourhood Services Committee

Chair: Councillor Harry Harvey (DUP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Gary Stokes (SDLP)

Planning Committee

Chair: Councillor Mickey Larkin (Sinn Féin)

Vice Chair: Councillor Henry Reilly (Ind.)

Strategy, Policy and Resources Committee  

Chair: Councillor Michael Savage (SDLP)

Vice Chair: Councillor Patrick Brown (Alliance)

TBCs will be updated as soon as the information becomes available.

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