Members' Survey 2022 responses

21 Jun 2022 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 21 Jun 2022

The members’ survey was disseminated in May 2022 to heads of member organisations, with a response rate of 12%. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, we really appreciate it. 



We are delighted to report that 84% of those who responded were very satisfied or satisfied with their NICVA membership. 12% responded as neutral and 4% were dissatisfied. There were similar responses for communication (83% satisfied) and value for money (80% satisfied). We will consider suggestions for improvements from those who were not satisfied.

Member benefits

We offer a range of member benefits including networking, access to decision-makers and a discount of 30% on all training and conference facilities. To see all the member benefits click here to make sure you are getting the most out of your membership.

The survey told us that members' top 5 most valued member benefits are:

Priority access to advice 58%
Collective voice of the sector 51%
Practical help 44%
Monthly member bulletin 41%
Networking opportunities 35%

Preferred method of engagement

Due to the change in engagement to online over the last couple of years with Covid, we were keen to hear from members on how they wanted to engage and connect moving onwards. We know that there are benefits to online such as accessibility, reduction in travel time and costs, and being inclusive no matter where you are based geographically. The table below shows what respondents told us. The majority prefer training online and conferences in person. Meetings were a mix of in-person and online, probably depending on the time of meeting and how much participation and decision-making required. The large majority of people preferred consultations (policy) online.













Consultations (policy)





GrantTracker is Northern Ireland’s leading funding toolkit with over 1,000 funding schemes relevant to NI. It is developed and maintained by NICVA.  Annual subscription is £145 and members get a 30% discount making it £100 per year.

We need to rebuild the GrantTracker website and plan to make it as effective and efficient as possible. So, we wanted to ask members about the option of including GrantTracker in their membership.

80% of members said they would support incorporating GrantTracker into NICVA membership, dropping GT subscription charge, increasing membership fee by 15%. (20% would not support this).

Thank you

Thank you to those who took the time to give suggestions about membership and make comments. We really appreciate your ideas and feedback and will use them to inform our actions and changes we need to make.

Thanks again to all who responded and we will keep you posted on further developments.

If you would like to discuss membership and what we are offering, or have any suggestions please contact Sandra Bailie's picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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