New Assembly Committees - Contact Details

Following the Departmental Restructure the Assembly's scrutiny committees have also been reshaped.

Below are the contact details for each of the new Committees and who the new Committee Clerks are.

You can email each of the new Committees via:

New Committee Clerks have also been named as follows:

  • The Executive Office: Kathy O’Hanlon
  • Agriculture: Stella McArdle
  • Communities: Kevin Pelan
  • Infrastructure: Cathie White
  • Education: Peter McCallion
  • Health: Eilis Haughey
  • Finance: Jim McManus
  • Economy: Peter Hall
  • Justice: Christine Darrah
  • Public Accounts: Lucia Wilson
  • Standards & Privileges: Audit; AERC: Shane McAteer
  • Procedures Committee: Ali Ross

For a reminder on the Departmental Restructure read about what went where, here

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