New Executive and Committee Chairpersons Named

On 25th of May the new Northern Ireland Assembly ran d'Hondt for the new Executive, Committee Chair people and Deputy Chairs.


The Executive Office:

  • First Minister, Arlene Foster (DUP)
  • deputy First Minister, Martin McGuiness (SF)

Junior Ministers:

  • Alastair Ross (DUP)
  • Megan Fearon (SF)

Department of Finance

  • Mairtin O'Muilleoir (SF)

Department for the Economy

  • Simon Hamilton (DUP)

Department for Communities

  • Paul Givan (DUP)

Department of Education

  • Peter Weir (DUP)

Department of Infrastructure

  • Chris Hazzard (SF)

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

  • Michelle McIlveen (DUP)

Department of Health

  • Michelle O'Neill (SF)

Department of Justice

  • Claire Sugden (Independent Unionist)


Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Statutory Committees:

Executive Office:

  • Chair: Mike Nesbitt (UUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Sandra Overend (UUP)

Finance Committee:

  • Chair: Emma Pengelly (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Claire Hanna (SDLP)

Economy Committee:

  • Chair: Conor Murphy (SF)
  • Deputy Chair: Steve Aien (UUP)

Communities Committee:

  • Chair: Colum Eastwood (SDLP)
  • Deputy Chair: Michelle Gildernew (SF)

Education Committee:

  • Chair: Barry McElduff (SF)
  • Deputy Chair: Chris Lyttle (Alliance)

Infrastructure Committee:

  • Chair: William Humphrey (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: William Irwin (DUP)

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee:

  • Chair : Linda Dillon (SF)
  • Deputy Chair: Declan Kearney (SF)

Health Committee:

  • Chair: Paula Bradley (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Gary Middleton (DUP)

Justice Commitee:

  • Chair: Paul Frew (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Pam Cameron (DUP)


Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Standing Committees:

Public Accounts Committee:

  • Chair: Robin Swann (UUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Daniel McCrossan (SDLP)

Standards and Privileges:

  • Chair: Cathal Boylan (SF)
  • Deputy Chair: Adrian McQuillan (DUP)

Audit Committee:

  • Chair: Declan McAleer (SF)
  • Deputy Chair: Trevor Lunn (Alliance)

Procedures Committee:

  • Chair: Gordon Lyons (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Edwin Poots (DUP)

Assembly and Executive Review Committee:

  • Chair: Christopher Stalford (DUP)
  • Deputy Chair: Michaela Boyle (SF)


An update on the responsibilites of the new Departments is available here

Contact details for the new Committees are available here. 

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