New ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management begins

1 Mar 2012     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

Leading by discussion was the hot topic at NICVA's first training session with 18 new participants from 9 different organisations taking part in the new ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Pictured are: Andrea Thornbury, NICVA; Angela McFall, Workforce Training Services; Conor Stiobhard, Comhairle na Gaelscolaiochta; Cordula Bellin, New Life Counselling; James McGinley, NICVA; Jason Abraham, Lisburn Prisoners Support Project; Joanne Casey, Lisburn Prisoners Support Project; Julie Liggett, New Life Counselling; Kathryn Purcell, New Life Counselling; Leeann Kelly, NICVA; Meghan Anderson, The Beeches Nursing Home; Melanie Menary, Ashton Community Trust; Neil Morris, East Belfast Mission; Scott Kennerly, Consumer Council; Stephanie Wethers, New Life Counselling; Wendy Stewart, New Life Counselling. Not pictured: Colin Dickenson, Good Morning NI Network.

Using a 'dilemma board' to discuss the challenges faced by leaders and managers, such as a lack of resources, time and pressure of deadlines, participants collectively discovered strategies to use to overcome these hurdles.

As part of this 11 week course, online tutorials will be held to support learning and give participants access to further information. This will enhance their understanding of the role of leaders and managers in organisations and how organisations need to step up to the challenge of change and take risks.

"A huge benefit from the course is being in a group environment and listening to the thoughts and experiences of other managers and other organisations. It is really useful to hear some of the techniques used in other companies and also reassuring to find that many of the challenges I face as a manager and leader are experienced by other people on the course."

Scott Kennerley, Consumer Council

Roisin Kelly, NICVA’s Skills Development Coordinator, is delighted the programme has started and said:
"This is an important development for the skills development unit.  We are offering a higher level programme and the expectation is that participants will discuss, debate and analyse the roles of leadership and management and how they can think creatively and innovatively in their organisations."
She continued:  “I read an article recently about innovation and change by nfpSynergy and it was absolutely spot on.
"This is what I think will be exciting and challenging about this training – that it will ask of the participants and their organisations to step up to the challenge of change and be innovative and creative - how can we do this better; how can we improve this?"
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