New Information Leaflets Available to Help Inform EU Citizens in NI on Post-Brexit Immigration Requirements

EU citizens living in NI must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to retain their right to stay but many may not be aware.  Can you help reach those who are not?

As a result of Brexit, EU citizens (from the 26 EU mainland EU countries) and their family members living in Northern Ireland must apply for a new immigration status under the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme if they intend to continue to live in the UK. Failing to do so will result in these citizens not having an immigration status in the UK beyond 30 June 2021.

Vulnerable groups of citizens – such as the elderly, those with lower digital literacy and limited access to the online application process, children in care, those with lower levels of English, those who live in poverty and many more – may not be aware that they need to take action and could find it more challenging to submit an application for the new status. Furthermore, in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic helping citizens through face-to-face contacts has become more difficult than ever.

If your organisation works with citizens who may need to apply, you may wish to make them aware of a series of information leaflets which have been produced by the Citizens Rights section of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom which are available here:

The EU Delegation is keen for organisations which have the capacity to reach EU citizens who may be affected to share the above online publications through their channels.  They are also translating all of their publications into EU languages and - as long as stocks last -  are offering to send print copies in bulk for free to a select number of organisations.  If you or your organisation / group are interested in receiving print copies the EU Delegation has asked that you send an e-mail to [email protected] as soon as you can, providing the following information:

-           Your name, your organisation’s name, telephone number and delivery address

-           The type of leaflet you are interested in (currently the above 3 are available)

-           The EU languages in which you would like to receive these (if not specified they will send copies in English)

-           The number of copies that you’d want to receive (currently they will send by boxes of 400, with one language per box)

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