NI Assembly Election: Business and Civic Society call for compromise and respect

28 Feb 2017     Last updated: 28 Feb 2017

A broad range of organisations in Northern Ireland, including NICVA, have come together to articulate their views to political parties before the election. 

There is a lot at stake and the challenges to Northern Ireland, the lives, and livelihoods of people here are immense.

Both business and civic society wish to make their voice clear to our local politicians. Given the seismic challenges that the EU referendum presents, we have three specific “asks” for our politicians:

a) Deliver a power-sharing Devolved Government this month that works for all the people of Northern Ireland – that is what we all democratically voted for back in 1998 and that is what has since delivered peace and increasing prosperity to this region; and

b) Use these devolved power-sharing arrangements for the greater good – maintain the peace, compromise where necessary, show mutual respect and sensitivity to all communities, and work in partnership with business to deliver more economic prosperity for all; and

c) After this election, our devolved government must ensure that Northern Ireland’s economic, social and political interests are accurately and clearly represented at both the UK and European level seeking to ensure the minimum level of disruption.

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey commented

“Northern Ireland needs stable government, that agrees its programme for government and delivers it. There has been too much uncertainty, too much division and too much doubt about the ability to deliver what they say they will. Organisations in our sector want more certainty on delivery. We want to believe in an Executive that will inspire confidence that it will deliver in the interests of all the people”

Read the full letter signed by business, the Universities and NICVA - attached. 

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