NI Assembly Open Data Service launched

22 May 2012     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

NICVA welcomes the Northern Ireland Assembly launch of the Open Data Project on 21 May 2012.  This first phase offers developers access to information about MLAs, Assembly questions and answers, names of Departments, Committees, Political Parties

NICVA recognises this significant move as a key step towards the transparency agenda and welcomes the NI Assembly project.

 The UK Coalition Government has set key objectives in enhancing transparency to:

  • strengthen public accountability;
  • support public service improvement by generating more comparative data and increasing user choice; and
  • stimulate wider economic growth by helping third parties to develop products and services based on public sector information.
Open Data

Data shared in machine readable form opens up potential for businesses, developers and organisations to build websites or mobile apps that can mine data, opening the door to collaborative innovation in public service information.  

Seamus McAleavey, NICVA Chief Executive commented:

"Opening up government data is an exciting move for Northern Ireland. Direct access to key information about the work of the NI Assembly will offer great efficiencies in how the voluntary and community sector follows Assembly debates and policy development. Further, we hope that this initiative gives a strong lead to all Government Departments in Northern Ireland to share their data in this form.

"Open access to Government data and statistics in machine readable form could be hugely valuable to the local economy. Businesses, organisations, web and mobile app developers across Northern Ireland could come together to accelerate innovation and creativity in digital services for public good.

"The voluntary and community sector continually innovates and looks for creative solutions for social challenges - having access to government data on health, education and inequality in society will help to shape the policies and services of the future."


Next steps

There will be a further two stages of the project available by early 2013.  They will include information on Plenary and Committee meetings, including division results and items of business, as well as data on Legislation and the Official Report (Hansard).

For more information visit holds datasets from across the UK government

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