NICVA Chief Executive urges members to vote to REMAIN in the EU

16 Jun 2016     Last updated: 4 Jul 2019

The Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) has written to its members urging them to vote Remain in the upcoming EU referendum.

In an email to leaders of 1,100 organisations Seamus McAleavey described the vote on 23rd June as “the biggest one facing the electorate in this generation and the result will have lasting implications for the next generation. The outcome will have a major impact on everyone in Northern Ireland.” 

McAleavey added “As charities we must always act in the best interest of the people, families, communities and causes we represent. On this basis the NICVA Executive Committee took the decision to support the campaign for the UK to REMAIN in the European Union. This is because we believe it is in the best interests of the lives and livelihoods of people here in Northern Ireland.”

Mr McAleavey said that “If the UK suffers by making a mistake on the referendum Northern Ireland will ultimately suffer the most, as a bad decision will hurt the poorest regions worst.”

The email lists NICVA’s concerns about the negative consequences of leaving the EU including “tighter controls on borders, trade tariffs and the loss of foreign direct investment which will lead to job losses in sectors like construction, agri-food, transport, tech development and financial services.  The very areas of our economy we are trying to regenerate and renew.”

Commenting on the need for people in Northern Ireland to vote on the 23rd he added,

“It is important that civic society across Northern Ireland sends out a clear message that we support a strong, vibrant and welcoming Northern Ireland firmly within the European Union. There is a real chance that the electorate could sleep walk into leaving and then it is very likely we will see an extension to the period of austerity we have faced these last 8 years for many more years to come.”

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