NICVA joins business and trades union leaders for emergency meeting with Finance Minister Sammy Wilson

As the economic crisis took a turn for the worse in world markets, with renewed problems in the US and Europe, Finance Minister Sammy Wilson convened an emergency meeting of key organisations from business and trades unions with NICVA representing the

The Minister was clear that whilst Northern Ireland is a small place with little ability to influence these issues we nevertheless have to consider what we could do to deal with the fallout locally.

Bank lending policies were still seen as a problem for many businesses in Northern Ireland with a real fear that many jobs could be lost as banks pushed firms into receivership as they put their own short-term interests first.  The Minister agreed to investigate a Canadian government model of “lender of last resort”.

A number of participants representing private, trades union and voluntary sectors also impressed upon the Minister the need to push through the Green New Deal on a scale big enough to make a difference on energy savings and job creation.  This was one item that there was strong cross-sector support for.

Speaking after the meeting Seamus McAleavey, Chief Executive of NICVA, said

“It does feel like we are a small cork in a big ocean with regard to this crisis but we welcome the Minister’s proactive approach.  He wants to put protecting jobs first and then seeking to develop new job opportunities.  We need a united front on this.  It is the most serious issue to affect the lives of people in Northern Ireland”

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