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9 Nov 2020 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 19 Nov 2020

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While we all continue to be required to work from home, NICVA continues to provide a full programme of training sessions and meetings online. 

Are all NICVA events and training now online?

As a number of you have been enquiring about the possibility of NICVA providing face-to-face training sessions or events for groups at the current time rather than online, we thought it would be useful to communicate our policy on this.

In delivering our services and activities, NICVA is following the latest government Covid-19 guidance so as to ensure that these activities do not contribute to the spread of the virus.  In line with this guidance and its stipulation that where work can be done from home (ie remotely) it should be, all NICVA-delivered training sessions or events, will be delivered online if it is possible to do so.  If there are exceptional circumstances whereby there is no possibility to deliver these activities other than in person, we would ask that you contact us to discuss your needs and whether we are able to accommodate these.

Keep in touch with NICVA 

We are striving to ensure that we are adapting and developing our services so as to continue to meet your needs at this difficult time, and we urge you to continue to call on us for support (call us on 028 9087 7777 or use our online support request form) and take advantage of the services and events advertised on the NICVA website and in our regular communications.    

Find out more about upcoming NICVA events and training

You can view our Upcoming Events and Training Calendar here and remember you can get in touch with our Skills Development team about bespoke training for you and your team. Have a read of our Bespoke Training information page to find out more.'s picture
by Alex Hastings

Human Resources Manager

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