NICVA 'On the Road' Fundraising Clinics

Thanks to generous funding from Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, and the work of various key partners, NICVA was able to deliver a series of 9 full day, bespoke 1-1 fundraising advice clinics across Northern Ireland. 

The aim of the clinics was to provide individually tailored fundraising advice to organisations on an easily accessible, local basis.  The clinics therefore covered a wide geographical area, supplemented by an additional two Belfast-based clinics for those who had been unable to attend their local clinic as originally planned.

46 VCSE organisations, covering extremely diverse areas of work, took part in these clinics.

Partners included North Antrim Community NetworkThe Fermanagh TrustOmagh Forum for Rural AssociationsConfederation of Community GroupsNorth West Community Network, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council and Ards and North Down Borough Council.

Clinics were held in the following areas:

  • Newry  (Partner = Confederation of Community Groups of Newry & District)
  • Fermanagh (Partner = Fermanagh Trust)
  • Ballymoney (Partner = North Antrim Community Network (NACN) & Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council)
  • Omagh (Partner = Omagh Forum for Rural Associations)
  • Derry/Londonderry (Partner = North West Community Network)
  • Antrim (Partner = North Antrim Community Network (NACN) & Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council)
  • Bangor (Partner = Ards & North Down Borough Council)
  • Belfast  (1st Additional Clinic for those unable to attend on previous days)
  • Belfast (2nd Additional Clinic for those unable to attend on previous days)

In addition, in-depth, 1-1 mentoring/advice sessions were also provided for another 16 VCSE organisations.  This allowed organisations to build their fundraising capacity through additional, tailored assistance across a range of fundraising areas.  These sessions ranged from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on the needs of the participants.

A webinar, “Finding the Right Funder”, was also developed and  delivered.  This was developed to enable organisations to increase their success rate in securing grants by ensuring that they chose the most suitable funder for their work.  This webinar has now been incorporated into NICVA’s core fundraising support programme to the sector and will be delivered on a regular basis.

For both clinics and advice sessions, 100% of those who participated and completed an evaluation said:

  • This session has increased my knowledge
  • This session will help me take my fundraising forward

Participants were also asked to rate the sessions as “excellent”, “good”, “fair” or “poor”.  The responses were as follows:

  • 100% rated the sessions as “excellent”.

Comments from those who took part included —

"Excellent service! I found the face-to-face meeting and webinar insightful and they helped me focus resources on the most appropriate fundraising avenues for my organisation."
"Great session and very beneficial!"
"Being able to tap into this level of expertise is invaluable. I've heard so much that I can use straight away."

NICVA  would like to thank Trusthouse for their generous support, along with all the partners involved, without whom the positive outcomes for organisations participating in this project could not have been achieved.


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