NICVA Raises Deep Concerns About the UK Internal Market Bill’s Impact on Future Peace and Prosperity in Northern Ireland

21 Sep 2020     Last updated: 21 Sep 2020

NICVA is extremely concerned about the potential impact of the proposed UK Internal Market Bill on the future peace, stability, and economic well-being of people in Northern Ireland. 

The Bill, if it is agreed, threatens to undermine, and undo the assurances provided in the EU Withdrawal Bill’s NI Protocol, to protect the Good Friday Agreement and peace process and ensure stability and prosperity for future generations.    

NICVA like other organisations in Northern Ireland has met officials from the Northern Ireland Office and made clear the Bill promotes uncertainty rather than the certainty the government claims it was trying to give.

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey said:

“After the years of negotiation between the EU and UK Government that led to the safeguards agreed in UK’s EU Withdrawal for Northern Ireland’s future, it is alarming to see a Bill introduced which, if passed, could undo parts of this agreement, and in so doing break international law.  Far from providing certainty, as its authors claim, this Bill can only lead to uncertainty and anxiety for Northern Ireland’s future”

Threatening to break international law with regard to a very recently negotiated Treaty is damaging to the rule of law and the UK’s standing in the world and probably damaging in world-wide trade negotiations.

NICVA expects that officials will reflect our concerns to the Secretary of State Brandon Lewis and other Ministers.      

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