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25 Feb 2021 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 25 Feb 2021

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In the fight against Coronavirus, maintaining social distancing is everyone’s responsibility. 

We are supporting the new Distance Aware campaign from the Department of Health which aims to remind people of the need to maintain social distancing through the use of the Distance Aware Shield.

'Distance Aware'

With the COVID-19 vaccination programme underway, there are concerns that some people might become complacent about the need for social distancing.

Many people, especially those in vulnerable groups, are anxious about catching COVID-19. 'Distance Aware' uses a consistent and instantly-recognisable symbol, the 'Distance Aware' Shield, to help remind people to keep a safe social distance.

This badge, whether worn or displayed, shows to others that the wearer or organisation would like others to keep a respectful distance where possible.

To help protect ourselves and others, we all need to keep following the public health advice.

Who the 'Distance Aware' Shield is for

The badge is for anyone, but there is a particular focus on distributing it to:

  • people who may be clinically extremely vulnerable
  • carers and others who may work with vulnerable people
  • those who work within health and social care

It is not meant to be an identifier of someone who has been shielding or may have any specific health conditions.

Posters featuring the 'Distance Aware' Shield can be displayed by organisations and businesses to show that they stock the badge or that they support being 'Distance Aware'.

Where you can get a 'Distance Aware' Shield

Badges will be distributed to members of the public through:

  • community pharmacies
  • the seven Trust regional COVID-19 vaccination centres
  • primary care as part of the vaccination programme
  • in-store at information points in ASDA

'Distance Aware' resources

Resources for the 'Distance Aware' social distancing campaign, including posters, a flyer and social media assets, are available to download and share from the Public Health Agency website's picture
by Shauna O'Neill

Communications Officer

[email protected]

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