NICVA welcomes new good practice code for fundraisers

NICVA's Chief Executive, Seamus McAleavey, has welcomed the introduction by the Institute of Fundraising of a new single code of fundraising good practice, which is underpinned by four key principles - legal, open, honest and respectful.

The Institute of Fundraising's Northern Ireland Chair Marcus Cooper says that it now places the IoF at the heart of self-regulation within the sector and that its development was a hugely significant move for the IoF in Northern Ireland: “Self-regulation in fundraising is a real success story in our sector, and the Codes of Fundraising Practice have been at the heart of that success for over 20 years.”

He explained that the Review of the Charities Act had enabled the IoF to clarify its role as the single code-writer, “This will now be the foundation for the future of the self-regulation system, underpinned by the four key principles. I think this will be a huge asset for charities in Northern Ireland that are committed to best practice fundraising, and we look forward to working with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland to ensure that fundraising standards are supported across the sector.

“The IoF will ensure that self-regulation continues to build and inspire long term public trust and confidence in charities. We have to build that trust ourselves and demonstrate clearly the professionalisation of fundraising.”

The Code of Fundraising Practice represents the standards set by, and expected of all Institute members and corporate supporters. The principle of self-regulation is to allow individuals and fundraising organisations to demonstrate best practice, eliminate poor practice and increase public trust and confidence in the voluntary and community sector. The Code will continue to evolve, keeping pace with changes and innovations in fundraising.

There are two key parts to self-regulation:

• The Code of Fundraising Practice contains the standards that the fundraising community sets through the work of the Institute of Fundraising’s Standards Committee, as well as offering legal guidance in key areas.

• The Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) acts as an independent public complaints system for the self-regulatory scheme, licensing the scheme’s logo to its members and offering a system of redress for the public. Members of the FRSB scheme are required to adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice.   The new Code and guidance is online at


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