NICVA's 75th Annual General Meeting

Marie Cavanagh, Chair of NICVA, welcomed members to NICVA's 75th AGM on 15 November 2013.

Marie started by saying that she had found her first year as Chair very exhilarating. Marie then paid tribute to Bob Stronge who had stepped down as Chair last year. She thanked Bob for guiding NICVA’s Executive through some very difficult times brought on by the banking crisis and subsequent recession.

Marie acknowledged that although we are seeing some green shoots of recovery and are moving forward, there would be more tough times ahead before reaching security, but that NICVA has and will continue to work hard to provide support to the sector, and some of this work is reflected in the annual report.

Marie said she had found her first year as Chair very exhilarating; she then recalled her first event as NICVA Chair, having been elected in October last year, was the CEE Conference held in December 2012 and how she had found the event very interesting and good experience.

Over the course of the year NICVA’s public affairs focus has moved to Welfare Reform and helping inform the sector and public on the potential effect of the proposals. NICVA also lobbied Ministers Lord Freud and Nelson McCausland on areas that would have a particular effect in Northern Ireland including the proposed ‘bedroom tax’. Currently, the Minister of Social Development has submitted his proposals to the Executive and we are still awaiting the outcome.

During the year NICVA agreed funding with Department for Social Development for the Regional Infrastructure Programme (RISP) programme. As with all areas of public expenditure resources have been reduced, and this has affected NICVA and our member organisations.  However the support to NICVA from DSD remains invaluable accounting for 25% of our income and funds a substantial amount of work.

Marie concluded by thanking the NICVA staff and her colleagues on the Executive Committee for their on-going work and commitment. The intention is to develop the organisation’s service and activities and navigate it positively through future challenges and opportunities.

NICVA also celebrated its 75th birthday at the AGM, current and past Chief Executives, Seamus McAleavey and Quintin Oliver both reflected on how far the organisation has come in this time and the work it has completed.


The annual report is online at:

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