NICVA's inspiring impact phase 2 takes impact practice to the next stage

11 Mar 2016 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 11 Mar 2016

NICVA is delighted to be part of phase two of the Inspiring Impact programme funded by Building Change Trust. Through this we will support organisations to embed their impact practice and measure,assess and share the difference that they make.

This second phase will allow us to work with 5 organisations that were part of the phase one masterclasses to further support them to embed impact practice in their organisation. We are also looking forward to working with 3 collaborations referred through our Collaboration NI programme to support them to consider how their organisations are joining up systems to measure the impact (if at all) and how impact of services are measured overall.

During phase one 64 participants from over 40 organisations attended masterclasses and received support on planning for measuring their impact. We now want to support some of these organisations who have shown a commitment to moving from the “Plan” phase to the Do, Assess, Review stages.  We will provide five of these organisations with direct bespoke support to take their impact practice to the next stage.

The new group we will be working in phase 2 with will be organisations involved in collaborations. NICVA is the lead partner in the Building Change Trust’s Collaboration NI programme.  Through this programme we have been actively working with over 1,000  collaborations, many of whom have come together to deliver a range of collaborative services through grant funding or contractual arrangements. In working with the collaborations we have identified the need to support organisations to collectively monitor the impact of “joined up services”, and we will offer 3 masterclasses to this group and provide follow up bespoke support to 3 collaborations.

This programme has been a learning process for NICVA too. We have engaged staff at every level in a number of facilitated sessions to work through the Measuring Up tool in the context of NICVA work. When we completed the tool we facilitated an all staff session on the strategic plan using theory of change and helped staff define the activities, intermediate outcomes and final goals of the NICVA plan.  We have now developed our Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 taking account of the action plan arising from the Measuring Up process and the input from staff. 

We plan to commence our masterclasses and support sessions in April and look forward to working closely with organisations and collaborations to support them as they embed impact practice and plan, do, assess and review the difference that they make.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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