NJC Pay dispute – further industrial action

Following the strike on 10 July 2014 by local government workers in Northern Ireland, England and Wales over NJC pay, another one day strike is planned for 14 October 2014.

The NJC pay dispute continues over the 1% pay increase offered by the employers' side of the NJC (National Joint Council) in March 2014.  The trade union side representing local government workers rejected this offer and members of GMB, Unison and Unite will ‘escalate pay strike action in October’.  Following the July strike, no further talks have taken place.  

The employers’ side of the NJC, the Local Government Association, is urging the trade union leaders to accept the pay offer saying in June that it would ‘increase the pay of most employees by one per cent while the lowest paid would receive an increase of more than four per cent’ going on to describe it as the ‘fairest possible deal’.

The trade unions state that ‘local government workers have suffered three years of a pay freeze, followed by a below inflation pay deal and have now been offered a paltry 1%’ and are calling for ‘fair pay not poverty pay’.

Therefore with no agreement reached, no increase will be applied to the NJC payscales and for organisations in the voluntary and community sector, the April 2013 NJC payscales remain unchanged.

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