NJC payscales – trade unions reject 1% increase

16 Jun 2014 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 8 Jul 2014

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Trade unions are balloting members on industrial action having rejected the 1% pay increase offered in March 2014 by the employers’ side of the NJC (National Joint Council)

Having rejected the 1% pay increase offered by the employers’ side, GMB, NIPSA, Unison and Unite the Union are currently balloting members on possible industrial action which could take place on 10 July 2014. The trade union side requested a £1 per hour increase for all employees on NJC pay.

These national pay negotiations for local government workers are carried out by the employers’ side and the trade union side of the NJC. NICVA is not involved in NJC pay negotiations but we, along with many voluntary and community sector organisations, use these payscales. In summer 2013, the negotiations led to a 1% increase (the first since 2009) which was backdated to 1 April 2013.

For organisations using NJC payscales, the April 2013 version remains in place until the ongoing negotiations conclude and agreement is reached by both sides on a cost of living increase.

You can find up to date information on the pay negotiations on the following websites:

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