NJC Payscales - December 2014

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A cost of living increase for NJC pay has now been agreed and a copy of NICVA's updated payscales is attached with this article.

NJC scales are local government pay scales, which are extensively used in the voluntary and community sector. They result from negotiations between trade unions and Local Government Employers and apply in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Please note NICVA is not involved in these negotiations in any way. NICVA’s salary scales are for guidance only and indicate the hours, general duties, skills and level of responsibility which is reflective of each particular scale.  It is not an exhaustive or prescriptive list but is intended as guidance, not to dictate how organisations should pay their staff. The descriptions of types of posts attributed to the scales below should not be used in isolation to set salary scales but as part of a more effective range of objective processes including benchmarking and/or job evaluation.

A summary of the payscales and payments is below:

From 1 January 2015 the pay increases to be applied are:
• £1,065 (8.56 %) on SCP 5
• £1,000 (7.93 per cent) on SCP 6
• £800 (6.19 %) on SCP 7
• £550 (4.13 %) on SCP 8
• £350 (2.55 %) on SCP 9
• £325 (2.32 %) on SCP 10
• 2.2 % on SCPs 11 and above
In addition to the percentage increase, non-consolidated payments are as follows (all payments to be pro-rated for part-time employees):
• £325 non-consolidated payment on SCPs 5, 6 & 7 to be paid in December 2014
• £150 non-consolidated payment on SCPs 8, 9 & 10 to be paid in December 2014
• £100 non-consolidated payment on SCPs 11-25 inclusive to be paid in December 2014
• 0.45 % of proposed new salaries on SCPs 26-49 inclusive, of which £100 to be paid in December 2014 and the remaining balance to be paid in April 2015

SCP (Spinal Column Point) 5 will be deleted with effect from 1 October 2015 and those on it will move to SCP Point 6.

For further information on the pay negotiations leading up to this agreement, please see recent articles on the NICVA website: http://www.nicva.org/services/hr

If you're looking for employment or recruiting please Visit the CommunityNI jobs section for the latest information on vacant posts in the sector, as well as volunteering opportunities: www.communityni.org. If your organisation is seeking advice or guidance on HR matters, you might also be interested in contacting NICVA's Human Resources Manager or alternatively Sector Matters, Northern Ireland's first social enterprise providing quality business services to the voluntary and community sector and to small businesses.

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