Partnership working: Thrive or Die

Partnership working is almost spoken about as a given, something that will simply happen when you get people to work together.  However, it is a practice that will only happen when people commit to making it happen.

In the last six years, we have supported over 1,300 organisations and 6,000 people to work in partnership, we understand how to develop effective collaborative leadership skills.  We have worked across all sub-sectors, and from grassroots community organisations to regional charities.  What we do – works!

We understand the contradictory forces that cause partnerships to thrive or die!

For it to work you need:

  • Strong leadership, but also needs to be highly participative
  • An agreed vision, where there are competing agendas
  • Trust to be built, often where there is suspicion
  • Diverse groups of people to be involved, but all their voices have to be heard
  • Innovators and resisters need to work together
  • Resilience to stay at the table, when all you want to do is run
  • To know when you need to stand your ground and when to compromise
  • To have fun along the way

Yet with appropriate support, collaborative practices can be taught.  Come along to our training session on 17 November 2016 and let us demystify partnership working.

We support partnerships every day, if you would like bespoke support, please get in touch at [email protected] or telephone 028 9087 7777.

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