Public consultation on Regional Development Strategy's 10 Year Review

14 Jan 2011     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

The Department for Regional Development is hosting a number of public consultation meetings to give information on the 10 year review of the revised Regional Development Strategy (Shaping Our Future) and take your views.

The purpose of the Strategy is to provide a framework for influencing the future distribution of activities throughout the Region.  The document examines the factors which impact on us and drive change.  It sets out aims for the Region and gives guidance on how these aims can be achieved.

The document addresses key challenges on:

  • climate change
  • rebuilding and rebalancing the economy
  • population growth
  • location of jobs and houses
  • infrastructure provision, and
  • the protection of our natural and built environment.

The meetings are being held as follows:

table of public consultation meetings


Copies of the consultation document

Copies of the consultation document, executive summary and the associated assessments are available on the Department’s website at

You can also request a copy of the draft Revised Regional Development Strategy and its accompanying draft Equality Impact Assessment by telephone 028 9054 0186 or by email at [email protected]

A list of questions at the back of the document may offer a useful guideline to assist you in your responses, which should be submitted by 31 March.

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