Punk Economics planned for Fermanagh

Well known economist David McWilliams will host a fringe meeting of the new XChange NI Summer School in Enniskillen at the end of June.

The session, Alternative Economics and what we believe to be true, has been organised by NICVA's Centre for Economic Empowerment project. It is a rare opportunity to have a conversation with the person who said recently that "All the main parties believe in the same economic orthodoxy, so in a sense they are irrelevant. Remember, it was economic orthodoxy that got us into this mess, so it’s hardly the most likely route out of the crisis."

This event is part of the new XChange Summer School which will be held in the Ardhowen Theatre. Speaking about the event, Lisa McElherron Head of Public Affairs said, "This is a really exciting event for us. The theme of the summer school is exchanging old ideas for new. So who better than the first economist to identify the Irish boom as nothing more than a credit bubble, to shake up our thinking, help us consider what’s really important and explore if we are simply doing it all over again.

As the summer school is all about conversations this won't be a lecture or conference address. It's a real chance to talk to David about his take on the impact of economic policy and what could be done differently."

You can find out more about booking a place on the XChange website or email [email protected]

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