Racism, Sectarianism and Intolerance Diminishes Everyone

30 May 2014     Last updated: 17 Aug 2014

The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action’s Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey today issued the following statement on behalf of the organisation:

“The past week has shown how much Northern Ireland remains a divided society. And the divisions are now spreading beyond the traditional Catholic and Protestant tensions. We strongly believe that the only decent future for Northern Ireland is a shared one; racism, sectarianism and intolerance diminishes everyone.

“Racist attacks damage the progress we have made towards a peaceful and stable society, and are wrong. There is no excuse, reason or circumstances for racism and we expect more from those who are leaders in our society and our government.

“NICVA is committed to equality, justice and promoting diversity and opposes discrimination of any sort. Our vision remains one of Northern Ireland as a place to live with a vibrant voluntary and community sector which helps build a fair and equal society."


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