Register of Charities Timescale Announced

8 Jun 2010 Denise Copeland    Last updated: 13 Aug 2014

The Charity Commission has announced that the Register of Charities for Northern Ireland will be operational by the end of June.  

The Revenue has handed over its list of charities, which are registered for tax purposes, to the Commission.  This list, which hopefully will be made available on the Commission’s website, is NOT the Register of Charities – it is only the Organisations that have previously been known as charities list.

The Commission will write to all charities in the near future explaining what they will have to do to register, so there is no need to contact the Commission. The Charity Commission also anticipates that it will issue the public benefit test guidance in early June as charities will have to demonstrate, as part of the registration process, how they meet the public benefit test requirement.

Once the official Register of Charities is up and running every new charity and those currently deemed charities will be required to register with the Charity Commission.  The Commission anticipates that it will target the largest charities first and have the process complete within 24 months.  It will encourage charities to register online but will permit registrations in hard copy also.  

See the Charity Commission’s website for full details on the establishment of the Register and the indicative timetable.

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by Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

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