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15 Mar 2022 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 15 Mar 2022

This guest blog features Remarkable Partnerships which is a consultancy helping charities create major, long-term corporate partnerships.

In this guest blog we talk to Denise Cranston from Remarkable Partnerships who tells us about how Remarkable Partnership can help charities in NI and what resources and training they have to offer.

Tell us about how “Remarkable Partnerships” can help charities in NI.

Remarkable Partnerships can help you make your corporate partnerships offer stand out.  We can advise you how to make your approach sharp, relevant and inspiring. The business landscape has changed forever.  Now that companies are focused on issues including diversity & inclusion, mental health and climate change, many business leaders are thinking about how they can help build a better world.  This is a huge opportunity for charities to show them how.
For example, we know that if you want to build corporate partnerships it can be tempting to contact hundreds of companies and see if any of them are interested. This is like throwing lots of mud at a wall and hoping that some of it sticks. The problem with this approach is you are counting on getting lucky and damaging your reputation in the process.

What is your approach?

At Remarkable Partnerships we show you how to take a more powerful approach, looking for companies that are ideal prospects. A great way to do this is to identify your ideal prospect criteria. We can help you to identify your priority industries and help you develop your ideal prospect list.
Remarkable Partnerships has over 80 years collective experience. Our unique approach, The Remarkable Way, has enabled hundreds of charities to secure strategic and transformational corporate partnerships.  We are already working with a number of Northern Ireland charities and companies and we will be launching an exciting NI Inclusion Forum on 18 May.

What resources and support do you have to offer?

We have a wide range of blogs and articles with useful information about what makes a good partnership with examples. You can have a look at them here.

We also have reports that you can sign up to receive through our website: Breaking free of barriers to ambition, Engage with purpose, Inspiring world - changing partnerships, How to create remarkable partnerships and Commission for donor experience. Click here for more information

What training do you have planned?

We are offering four sessions in May and June in partnership with NICVA. This training will inspire you and give you the confidence, skills and tools to build major corporate partnerships.

Free one hour webinar on 4 May - An Introduction to corporate charity partnerships.

It will cover: Why purpose has become so important to business, examples of purpose driven companies, the impact of the pandemic and business priorities in the new landscape. 

3 two-hour sessions - Building strategic corporate charity partnerships:

  • 25 May - Identifying prospects and building opportunities
  • 15 June - Securing meetings and delivering pitches
  • 29 June - Securing partnerships


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