Representatives sought for Belfast Community Planning VCSE Sectoral Advisory Panel

NICVA is seeking nominations for representatives to sit on a new VCSE Sectoral Advisory Panel being established by the Belfast Community Planning Partnership 

The Belfast Community Planning Partnership is seeking to establish a Belfast VCSE Sectoral Advisory Panel as part of a number of measures to strengthen representation and participation of the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in community planning in Belfast.

The Community Planning Partnership has appointed NICVA to undertake an independent selection process to select representatives from Belfast’s VCSE sector to this Panel.  NICVA is now inviting organisations and groups working within the VCSE sector in Belfast to nominate persons to be considered for selection to the Panel. 

The Purpose of the Sectoral Advisory Panel

The Sectoral Advisory Panel’s purpose will be to:

  1. Ensure VCSE Sector voices are articulated into the Community Planning process
  2. Support the development of cross-sectoral relationships and improved partnership working; and
  3. Promote ongoing and effective community engagement

How to submit a nomination to the Belfast VCSE Sectoral Advisory Panel

Completed nomination forms should be submitted to NICVA no later than the closing date of Friday 31 January 2020.

In considering whether to seek nomination to the Panel, it is important that prospective members read and consider the following additional background information on:

  • the Belfast Agenda and the community planning process in Belfast
  • the purpose and role of the Sectoral Advisory Panel
  • the envisaged roles and responsibilities of Panel members

To nominate a person for the panel, please fill in the online form here.  If you require a different format, please contact Siobhan McAlister at [email protected] 

Nominate a Panel Member


The closing date for nominations is 31 January 2020.

Following this deadline, a Panel comprising a number of Voluntary and Community sector representatives on NICVA’s Executive Board will consider the nominations and information submitted, with the aim of identifying Panel membership that is balanced as far as possible across sectoral interests and themes, s75 groups, geographical spread, and gender. Further information on the selection criteria that will be considered can be found within the nomination form pack available for download from the NICVA website.

Finally, NICVA will provide the Community Planning Partnership with the list of selected Panel members, along with a list of potential reserve candidates who may be invited onto the Panel by the CPP as required.

On completion of this process, nominees who are selected will receive a letter of appointment from the Community Planning Partnership, inviting them to take up membership on the Sectoral Advisory Panel.

Prospective Panel members are asked to take note of the following key dates, some of which will require some time input following appointment:



31 January 2020

Closing date for nominations 31 January 2020

By 14 February 2020

Selection process undertaken by NICVA


17 February 2020

NICVA selection process report provided to CPP


20 February 2020

Endorsement of Panel selections by CPP (subgroup meeting)


By 21 February 2020

Formal appointment letter issued by CPP to the Sectoral Advisory Panel Members.

w/c 2 March 2020

Induction training days

Prospective Panel members should endeavour to keep this week available for up to 2 induction training days (dates TBC).

w/c 9 March

1st Sectoral Advisory Panel meeting


23 March 2020

Community Planning Partnership meeting (2x delegates from Sectoral Advisory Panel to attend)


Other opportunities to get involved in community planning

The VCSE Sectoral Advisory Panel is one of a number of measures to strengthen VCSE sector representation and participation in Community Planning in Belfast.  These will also include the establishment of a Belfast VCSE Network (see below), and strengthened participation in action planning work involving engagement with relevant forums and partnership structures.

Belfast citywide VCSE Network

In addition to the Sectoral Advisory Panel, the Belfast Community Planning Partnership wants to create greater opportunities for all groups and organisations in the VCSE sectors in Belfast to connect with the Belfast Agenda, and to collectively maximise their potential impact and contribution to the community planning process.

The partnership is therefore also establishing a citywide VCSE network that will aim to improve communication and engagement between the Community Planning Partnership and the wider sector.

This inclusive network will provide regular and relevant updates on the work of the CPP and the Sectoral Advisory Panel, and opportunities to engage and input to community planning activities, through online tools and engagement events throughout the year, and to network with partners in Belfast.

For more information and to register your interest in being part of this network visit

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