Review 2011: Leading the big debates

2011 began with a series of consultation meetings on the budget as hundreds of people from across the sector gathered to learn more about departmental priorities and explore what they meant for people in Northern Ireland.

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On behalf of the sector, NICVA commissioned PWC to provide an in-depth critique of the budget. As the first independent analysis of the budget, the report received widespread press coverage and political interest. The Cross-Sectoral Group on the Economy met in NICVA and staff briefed Assembly committees and DFP officials.

Our commitment to interrogating public expenditure led to the establishment of the CutsWatchNI project and the creation of the Centre for Economic Empowerment. CEE's first item of business was an event on the proposals to devolve taxation powers to the NI Assembly.  CEE developed a series of masterclass sessions covering a wide range of topics and hosted the Creating the Good Economy conference, as well as issuing a weekly economic review.

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