Review of HSC Commissioning Arrangements

15 Jun 2015     Last updated: 15 Jun 2015

In January the previous Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety announced a review of the arrangements for commissioning health and social care services in Northern Ireland. The terms of reference for the review are attached.

A small project team, led by the Department but with representation from the HSC Board and Public Health Agency, has been established and work is underway to produce a final report by August 2015. In undertaking the review, it will be essential that they have input from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible to inform their understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system as well as possible options for improvement.
Commissioning in this context refers to the process by which the health and care needs of a population are assessed, and services are planned and purchased to meet these needs and improve health and wellbeing. The important role of the community and voluntary sector both in delivering health and social care services and in representing patients and service users has long been recognised. 
The Department would welcome written submissions (up to a maximum of four sides of A4 paper) from NICVA members outlining their views on the process for commissioning health and social care services in Northern Ireland and their thoughts on how this might be improved. 
Written submissions should be sent to Jennifer Mooney (Room D3.21 Castle Buildings, Stormont Estate, BT4 3SQ; mailto:[email protected]) by no later than Friday 10 July 2015.

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