Sector Matters - Building Financial Foundations

25 Jul 2011     Last updated: 18 Aug 2015

The Building Financial Foundations project is a new initiative from Sector Matters, funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation. Working with groups with an income up to £100,000 Sector Matters will deliver support and guidance on good financial practice.

Sector Matters would like to say thank you to the organisations that have already signed up as partners in the project. There is still room on the programme for others to become involved.

This project has been funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation for one year. It will be delivered in the main by Sector Matters. NICVA will be responsible for collating and disseminating best practice.


Download a copy of the Sector Matters Building Financial Foundations leaflet

The overarching aims of the project are to:

  •  improve financial management skills and capacity within small groups
  •  improve financial management  confidence both for staff and committees
  • help groups to operate more efficiency and effectively
  • learn from the experience of these groups and build a body of evidence to inform models of best practice which will be disseminated across the sector

To become involved you will need to:

  • provide access to your financial management systems, policies and procedures
  • sign up to implement a tailor made improvement plan for you organisation
  • be willing to share information about your organisation with others – all references to your organisation will remain anonymous
  • pay for one day of direct expert advice and support out of six ie £250 plus VAT

For more information download the leaflet or contact Tom Coard at Sector Matters on 028 9087 7781 or email [email protected]

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