SEUPB provides reassurance on continued EU funding even in a no deal Brexit

The SEUPB (Special EU Programmes Body) has provided reassurance about continued PEACE IV and INTERREG funding until 2023, even in the advent of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

In a letter to its beneficiaries and stakeholders, SEUPB has confirmed that even in a no deal Brexit, funding under the current PEACE IV and INTERREG programmes will continue until the conclusion of these programmes in 2023.  SEUPB reaffirmed that the European Commission ratified this position in a European regulation (2019/491) which was formally approved by the European Parliament in March of this year. They also highlighted that the UK Government has provided a guarantee of its funding to ensure the current programmes will be continued until their completion.

In addition, they highlighted that the next EU funding budget or ‘Multi-Annual Financial Framework’ for the period 2021- 2027 published in May 2018, included provision for a successor PEACE PLUS Programme. The new PEACE PLUS Programme will include both PEACE and INTERREG activities building on the work of previous and current programmes to support ‘social, economic and regional stability.’ SEUPB reiterated that that the EU, the UK and the Irish Government have all given their commitment to the PEACE PLUS Programme and this position has not changed. They also indicated that ‘development of the content for the programme will be subject to an extensive and robust consultation process,’ and that they ‘have already commenced the planning process for this with Government Departments in Northern Ireland and Ireland along with a range of other key stakeholders.’

If you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact SEUPB.


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