Support for NICVA members applying for Road Safety Grants

Interested in applying to the grants scheme for community led road safety initiatives launched? Detail Data can provide NICVA members with information that could support their application. 

Earlier this month Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard launched the 2016-17 Road Safety Grant Scheme. The scheme offers individuals and community groups an opportunity to apply for funding of up to £10,000 to develop and deliver local road safety initiatives. It is aimed at helping engage and empower individuals, communities and organisations to promote and practise good road safety behaviours to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured on our roads. Grants must be used on locally focused road safety education and awareness projects to help the Department achieve outcomes identified within its Road Safety Strategy to 2020.

So how can Detail Data help?

In the past 10 months Detail Data has gathered a range of data which would be relevant to organisation interested in applying for this funding. This data has been used in several high impact stories. The first story, launched in August 2015, is Two years of death and serious injury on Northern Ireland’s roads which maps collisions and examines road infrastructure.

Another relevant story published earlier this month is ‘Over 2,000 road crashes outside schools spark calls for 20mph speed limit', which examines the number of people injured as a result of road traffic collisions close to schools in Northern Ireland over the last decade. Detail Data has also focused specifically on cycling collisions and published an article in September 2015 which mapped Northern Ireland cycling collisions.  

The data behind the road death and serious injuries and the cycling collision stories are available on the Detail Data Portal and the team are happy to assist organisations in accessing the data relevant to their application.

For more information and a funding application pack visit NI Direct.

To access data support contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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