Tackling Educational Disadvantage

27 Apr 2012     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

What has happened so far?

Concerned with the state of the education system in relation to educational disadvantage and on the back of the report (‘Educational disadvantage and the Protestant working Class: A Call to Action’) produced by the working group set up by former MLA Dawn Purvis.  NICVA began investigating what action it could take and what role the voluntary and community sector could play in facilitating improvements to the education system.  The response has been clear, the sector feels not enough has been done to tackle the issue and that the voluntary and community sector have a vital role to play in pushing the issue forward.

Why has it happened?

It is often voluntary and community sector groups who work first hand with the people the current system fails and who work inside an environment shaped by the inequality of that system. With this first-hand experience and passion, NICVA sees the potential for the sector to play a pivotal leadership role in lobbying government and educationalists to bring about the long needed changes required to improve educational equality.

What is happening next?

NICVA has committed to working further on this issue and in collaboration with the existing Working Group to present the views of the sector to both educationalists, the Department of Education and to the Minister.  In order to gather a complete picture of the views of the sector and to insure that the lobby group selected to take the issues forward is representative of both NICVA membership and Northern Ireland as a whole, NICVA is facilitating discussions in Derry and Newry.  These events will help finalise the issues and recommendations that the sector will take forward into proposed meetings with educationalists, the Department of Education and the Minister.

We would appreciate your input into this important work. You can register for these events below or by contacting [email protected]

Register for Tackling Educational Disadvantage - Derry

Register for Tackling Educational Disadvantage - Newry


Draft Agenda


09.30am        Registration

10.00am        Opening remarks  - NICVA

                        Update on progress - Dawn Purvis/Mark Langhammer

                        What should happen next and the role for the sector going forward - NICVA

                        What should we focus on? What can we achieve? – Dawn Purvis/Mark Langhammer

10.35am        Discussion groups - proposed issues:

      • Parental involvement
      • Early years
      • Leadership

11.30am        Coffee break                                                                   

11.45pm        Next steps                                                                         

12.30pm        Close

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