The blessings of a cup of tea

21 Jun 2020 Roisin Kelly    Last updated: 11 Sep 2020

The aim of The Niamh Louise Foundation is to provide a safe environment where anyone can drop in to chat about worrying thoughts, thoughts of suicide and/or self-harm.  The charity is well known for its provision of care and understanding.

In the peaceful environment that is the kitchen in The Niamh Louise Foundation I got chatting to Catherine, Operational Director of the Foundation and Family Support Worker.  The charity has been operating for 14 years and continues to provide essential support to those who are experiencing mental ill health on any level.  Despite being digitally challenged today,  I did manage to record some of our conversation which reminded me a bit like the conversations between The Vicar of Dibley and Alice and there was a lot more Alice in me than usual today.

Sadly but in a positive way the Foundation has reached out to 30 additional people since March 23rd, that is in addition to the people who visit the centre on an ongoing basis.  After a very short time in lockdown, Catherine and a member of staff, with the blessing of their committee, re-opened the doors and using the PHA guidelines continue to provide essential support to those most in need at this time.  As Catherine reminds us, mental ill-health does not stop because of a pandemic and so sanitisation and distancing measures are still in place and people can use the beautiful grounds around the house as well.

The charity has also stepped up their plans for the delivery of their projects particularly the schools based project and it is heartening to hear in ways that life continues as it is for the Foundation.



For more on the organisation visit The Niamh Louise Foundation website here or follow them on Facebook here's picture
by Roisin Kelly

Skills Development Coordinator

[email protected]

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