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19 Sep 2019 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 28 Sep 2020

Marie Anne Templeman from East Belfast Community Development Agency

Over the years many people have completed NICVA's TQUK level 3 Award in Training and Education. We contacted a few of them to ask them what they enjoyed and how they have used what they learnt on the course.

NICVA delivers the TQUK level 3 Award in Education and Training. TQUK is a Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation and as a TQUK approved centre in Northern Ireland NICVA's training qualifications are guaranteed to be to a high standard.

High quality delivery is important to us ensuring that the learners have a good experience, gain new skills and increase their confidence. Equally important is that learners improve their practice and take what they learn on the course and use it in their organisations and to help them achieve their mission. We are part of developing a community of trainers who are providing high quality impactful training in our sector to those that they work with.

We asked a few of those who have gained the TQUK level 3 Award in Training and Education with NICVA to tell us how they have used what they learnt.

Martin Daly from Belfast Recovery College

Organisational impact - “The programme was a great way to get professionals and service users to work together to co-produce and co-facilitate the Recovery college programmes. The training increased their skills in knowing how to communicate and using techniques to involve their learners, it also increased their confidence. It has encouraged them to build in debriefing and feedback for each session which is vitally important.  NICVA produced an excellent course for the Recovery College and the Belfast Recovery College is the only one that has trainers qualified to this standard. We can have confidence in all our trainers as each time they go out they are representing the College, so it is important that they are professional.”

Individual impact - “On a personal level it has been a very empowering course, worth more than just the time on the course. The course was so relaxed and welcoming, I felt comfortable to take part and ask questions. I felt at ease and very much part of the course. Roisin was very inclusive, and she was flexible in her approach. It confirmed all my past training and made me more confident coming back as a professional trainer. Gaining the qualification was like winning the lottery. It is also an employability tool and several people who completed have now gained employment as a result of having the qualification. It is a “life tool” that is with you the rest of your days and it is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done.”

Marie Anne Templeman from East Belfast Community Development Agency

"I completed the TQUK qualification as part of the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme.  I had always wanted to complete some sort of training to give me better knowledge of what goes into planning and taking a group session as this is something I do in my current role.  Since the training I have been using the session planning for any group work I am doing and it’s definitely made it a lot easier for me.  Dawn was an excellent trainer and I certainly appreciated all her help and support from facilitating the actual training to completing the assignments."

Fiona Molloy

In this short video Fiona's tells us about what she enjoyed and what she learnt.


To find out more about training that NICVA offers click here The next TQUK course starts on 13 October 2020 and will be delivered online. You can book your place here

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Head of Organisational Development

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