The Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland - Consultation

SIB is currently in the process of developing a new Investment Strategy on behalf of the NI Executive and have produced the draft ISNI 2050 which is out for consultation until April 20th 2022

This Investment Strategy will set out the main challenges and opportunities for infrastructure investment over the next 30 years; inform and guide future capital allocations and prioritisation; and it will make recommendations to develop our approach to monitoring performance and delivery.

Based on feedback received from a range of stakeholder groups, SIB have developed the draft ISNI 2050 which is now out for consultation until April 20th 2022.

In developing the strategy, SIB have set five key objectives for investment over the coming decades:

  1. Decarbonise our economy and society
  2. Strengthen and protect our essential services
  3. Build a strong, connected and competitive region
  4. Enhance our communities and places
  5. Maximise the benefits from new technology and innovation

The draft strategy proposes several ways in which to achieve these 5 objectives. 

The draft Investment Strategy, an Easy Read Version, the EQIA and Rural Needs Impact Assessment (RNIA) can all be downloaded here or alternately SIB can provide hard copies via post.

You can respond to the consultation via CitizenSpace, provide feedback here, or email a response to [email protected].

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