Top 10 Results from NICVA’s latest Covid-19 Impact Survey (August 2020)

7 Sep 2020 Dr. Helena Mc Elhinney    Last updated: 7 Sep 2020

In August, NICVA surveyed their membership of over 1000 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Northern Ireland. 

The survey aimed to find out how the Covid-19 crisis is impacting on them and the services and activities they provide for thousands of people. 

Below is a selection of the top 10 results from the survey.

  1. 73% of organisations indicated that services/activities had been stopped due to the Covid- 19 crisis
  2. 66.8% of organisations indicated that they had lost funding/income
  3. Over a quarter (25.3%) said they were delivering only a quarter or less of their normal services or activities, and over a third (35.5%) said the loss of their services was affecting over 100 service users a week
  4. Over two fifths (42.3%) said up to a quarter of their services were new services developed in response to the Covid-19
  5. Over a fifth (21.6%) said between a quarter and half of their services were new, Covid-19 related services, such as prescription runs, food deliveries and mental health support
  6. More than one in six organisations (18.3%) have lost 75% or more of their normal income while more than quarter (26%) have lost between a quarter and half of their income
  7. Over half (50.4%) said that between 76-100% of their volunteers had been unable to volunteer because of Covid-19
  8. The top 3 most pressing issues facing organisation were “sustaining our organisation and activities”, “finance/cash flow” and “changing our services to meet emerging needs”
  9. Nearly a third (31%) of organisations said they expected their income to fall by between 51-75% in the next 6 months, while 4.3% said that their organization may not survive
  10. Over 60% said they expected their capacity to deliver services to reduce, with over a quarter saying they expected a reduction in capacity of between 25-75%

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