Upcoming Joint Forum Meeting 6 June 2019

The next meeting of the Joint Forum is due to take place on 6 June 2019 at the Colin Healthy Living Centre in Belfast.

This will be the second Joint Forum of 2019 with a jam-packed agenda where we will be joined by the Department for Communities new Permanent Secretary Tracy Meharg. Joint Forum members will get a chance hear from Tracy about her priorities and also be able to put questions to her. Any representative from the voluntary and community sector is welcome to submit any questions or comments to the Joint Forum to be asked on your behalf.

Joint Forum members will also hear from Director of EU Future Relations Paul Brush on the ongoing preparations for Brexit and put questions to him.  We will also be joined by the Red Cross who will be discussing emergency planning and the role of the voluntary and community sector in supporting communities after disaster events.

Our own Joint Forum VCS member Lorraine Griffin from Community Organisations of the South Tyrone Area (COSTA) will take us through the Day in the Life of a Community Worker highlighting the everyday activities and challenges community organisations in border areas face, especially in the context of Brexit.

We will also be joined by T:BUC (Together: Building a United Community) Young Leaders who will talking about their experience of engaging with the voluntary and community sector and the government in NI.

The voluntary and community representatives on the forum met on 16 May to prepare for the upcoming full meeting and discuss priorities for the voluntary and community sector. The minutes from this meeting and the updated issues table can be view in the attachment.

Any voluntary and community sector organisations can feed into the work of the Joint Forum, and we would highly encourage any organisation to do so. You can get in touch with the Joint Forum via any VCS member (details here) or via VCS secretariat [email protected] if you would like to raise anything for discussion at the Joint Forum or have any comments or questions we should be putting to our speakers.

Agendas, minutes from the previous meeting & issues table can be viewed in the attachment.

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