UUP set out their vision for Northern Ireland outside the EU

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The UUP recently published their vision for Northern Ireland outside the EU.


Introducing the document the party state: "The days of being a “Remainer” or a “Brexiteer” are over. It is time to come together and work collectively to identify and exploit the positive potential for Northern Ireland."

The document outlines their 10 "Key Asks"

  • Infrastructure investment to be trebled;
  • A Northern Ireland wide Enterprise Zone;
  • A step change in education and skills;
  • Financial guarantees for those losing EU funding;
  • Enhanced investment in Research & Development and Innovation;
  • Safeguards for the Common Travel Area;
  • No “hard border” at Great Britain’s ports and airports;
  • Unfettered access to the EU’s Single Market;
  • Clarity regarding non-EU commitments that will still apply post Brexit;
  • A Peace Centre at the Crumlin Road Courthouse site

For more information on each of these asks and to read the full document you can visit this link or it is attached to this article. 

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