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2 Jun 2020 Roisin Kelly    Last updated: 3 Jun 2020

Today's chat with Maura Brooks from Derrytresk Community and Chair of the Youth and Community Group highlights some of the important voluntary work going on in the Community supporting people's mental and physical well-being.

Before heading out the door to take a walking group on the ramparts, Maura chatted with me about how the neighbours have come together to support and care for each other in the Derrytresk community, a rural area outside the town of Coalisland in Co Tyrone.  Issues of rural poverty and economic deprivation are heightened as a result of the times we are in the football club developed and funded the idea of posting out a card to homes enclosed with a £10 voucher sponsored by local businesses and sunflower seeds to grow in the garden - a sign of the way of the darkness. The Community Group helpes with the distribution of the cards throughout the community.  Central to the Community's activities is the Running Club and Maura is calling out for everyone to get involved in the Derrytresk Healthy Club Steps Challenge so they can be in for a shot at winning a 2500euro voucher from O'Neills that could buy then training gear for the young ones, gym equipment, more development and maintenance of ther facilities.


Image: Cards being sent out by Derrytresk Community

Maura talks passionately about the young people in the area and hopes that the drama group the young people are involved in,  and whose confidence has grown as a result of it , will be one of the activities they can plan an effective return to. 

I was particularly interested to hear about a new project they replicated called Life in Lockdown and if you check out their facebook page Derrytresk Community you are in for what Maura describes as her aspiration for the children in later years to say "I was lucky to grow up in Derrytresk"

Maura from Derrytresk Community from Roisin kelly on Vimeo.


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by Roisin Kelly

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