Who is in charge of the new departments?

The new 9 departments came into effect on Monday 9th May following a departmental restructure envisaged in the Stormont House Agreement. 

Below are the Permanent Secretaries responsible for each of the new departments and their Deputy Secretaries: 





Permanent Secretary

Deputy Secretary

The Executive Office

Malcolm McKibbin

Stephen Grimason – EIS, British/Irish/International Relations, Executive Support and NSMC

Dr Mark Browne – Strategic Policy, Finance, Equality and Good Relations

Brenda King – Office of the Legislative Counsel

Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Noel Lavery

Robert Huey – Veterinary Services and Animal Health Group

Malcolm Beattie – Forest Service

David Small – Environment and Marine Group

Louise Warde-Hunter – Central Services and Rural Affairs Group

(Vacant) – Food and Farming Group

Department for Communities

Leo O’Reilly

Andrew Hamilton – Strategic Policy and Resources Group

Tracy Meharg – Community and Regeneration Housing

Ian Maye – Community Cohesion, Culture and Sport

Tommy O’Reilly – Working Age

Denis McMahon – Social Inclusion

Department for Economy

Andrew McCormick

Derek Baker – Strategic Policy Group

Eugene Rooney – Operational Policy Group

Chris Stewart – Economic Infrastructure and Regulation Group

Heather Cousins – Corporate Services

Department of Education

Paul Sweeney

Gavin Boyd – Education Authority Chief Executive

Katrina Godfey – Education and Children’s Services Policy

Fiona Hepper – Resources, Reform and Infrastructure

John Smith – SRO: Lisanelly Shared Campuses Programme

Noelle Buick – Chief Inspector, Education & Training Inspectorate

Department of Finance

David Sterling

Jill Minne – NICS HR

Colum Boyle – Land and Property Services

Paul Wickens –  Enterprise Shared Services

Des Armstrong – Central Procurement Directorate

Mike Brennan – Public Expenditure Directorate

Colin Sullivan – Strategic and Policy Reform

Siobhan Carey – NI Statistics and Research Agency

Claire Archbold - Departmental Solicitor's Office





The email format for each of the new departments are:



Ministerial Location

Departmental e-mail addresses

The Executive Office

Stormont Castle


Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Dundonald House


Department for Communities

Lighthouse Building


Department for Economy

Adelaide House


Department of Education

Rathgael House


Department of Finance

Clare House


Department of Health

Castle Buildings


Department for Infrastructure

Clarence Court


Department of Justice

Castle Buildings

-ni.gov.uk or -ni.x.gsi.gov.uk



Below you can see which functions have transferred from the old departments (left) to the new departments (right). Hover over the links to see the names functions that have been moved.

Attached is a PowerPoint containing the make up of each of the new departments (developed in December so may require a little tweaking) with Deputy Secretaries and 'Heads of' Divisions (Grade 5s). 

The Joint Forum's Voluntary and Community Group panel hosted a meeting with Ian Maye, the new Deputy Secretary in the Department for Communities, and the Official responsible for the Voluntary and Community Unit (formerly in DSD). Ian outlined his vision for the sector's relationship with government. An article on the meeting is available here which includes Ian's presentation he provided to delegates. 

If you would like a reminder of what each new department is now responsible for, a handy recap is available here

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