Winding up and closure services which help create a legacy

20 May 2015     Last updated: 20 May 2015

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The sustained financial pressures on our sector have unfortunately led to more organisations having to consider winding up or closure.

The process associated with closure known as ‘winding up’ is very time consuming and potentially emotional and is also one in which the good work or a possible legacy opportunity of an organisation can be lost.  Sector Matters and Community Impact want to ensure this doesn’t happen!

The organisations have come together to create a ‘winding up’ support service. This service is comprehensive, empathetic and pitched at a cost that organisations in the sector can afford.

The service has been developed by individuals who have over 30 years collective experience of supporting groups and are well versed in the administrative requirements of a wind up. They have sectorial knowledge in everything from governance to record management and most importantly are able to recognise where positive outcomes may be achievable through closure. This may include identifying the most suitable disposal of assets to create a long term legacy such as projects which can ensure the name and ethos of your organsation lives on.

The new service applies due diligence to the entire closure and winding up process. It caters for the mix of administrative, managerial and technical support required, recognising there are points in the process where professional input, in the form of legal and/or financial advice, are required. It is designed to respond to the emotionally challenging elements of closing for Directors and Trustees unfamiliar with the procedure and who are concerned about how the needs of their service users/clients will be appropriately catered for in the future.

Both organisations have already achieved success in delivering similar work previously. For example, Community Impact were contracted to undertake the wind up of Belfast Carers Centre (BCC), to quote the Chairman of BCC

‘'When Kevin from Community Impact was contracted by Belfast Carers Centre not only did he grasp the importance of due diligence in terms of getting the administrative wind up process both sensitively and efficiently completed but he had the knowledge and vision to appreciate that there were other options both in terms of funding and potential merger that BCC could explore.' Kevin put the needs of our carers first.'

If you are facing possible organisational wind up then speak to us.  We will seek to provide you with a value for money tailored solution that is in your best interest. Please contact either Paula Reynolds at [email protected] on 028 9087 5018 or Kevin McCaughan at [email protected].


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