WPG Feminist Recovery Plan Relaunch - One Year On

The Women’s Policy Group Northern Ireland are re-launching the WPG COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan on Wednesday 28th July 2021 from 10am-12pm via Zoom. 

Initially launched in July 2020, the WPG COVID-19 Feminist Recovery plan provides a comprehensive overview of the disproportionate economic, social, cultural and health impacts of the pandemic on women in Northern Ireland. The plan included several policy recommendations for both the Northern Ireland Assembly and Westminster Government on how to address obstacles and impact on women. The WPG* extended the campaign further and have spent the past 12 months raising these concerns with elected representatives, committees, All-Party Groups, Officials and Ministers through bespoke departmental and governmental reports, evidence submissions, public consultation responses, key policy briefings and more. The group have worked extensively to disseminate this information across Northern Ireland society and to further explore the intersectional impacts of the pandemics through their webinar series and key briefings/publications.

Despite this, gender-neutral policy making prevails and there has been little recognition of the gendered impact of the pandemic on women in Northern Ireland. The vast majority of recommendations made in the WPG Feminist Recovery Plan remain outstanding, governmental responses to the plan have been inadequate and women in Northern Ireland have continued to suffer as a result.

The Women’s Policy Group are now re-launching the WPG COVID-19 Feminist Recovery Plan with updated evidence, data and recommendations. Since the 2020 launch of the plan, the WPG have undertaken a significant amount of primary research through qualitative and quantitative surveys and interviews, alongside collecting case studies and testimonies from women who have been impacted by the pandemic.

The launch event will include an update on the evidence, recommendations on political action needed to support women and testimonials from women in Northern Ireland.

The online re-launch of the Feminist Recovery Plan will take place on Wednesday 28th July from 10am -12pm.

Follow the link below to register for the event:


For questions or queries regarding the relaunch of the Feminist Recovery Plan, please contact Rachel Powell, Women’s Sector Lobbyist, [email protected]

* The WPG is a platform for women in Northern Ireland working in policy and advocacy roles in different organisations to share their work and speak with a collective voice on key issues. It is made up of women from trade unions, grassroots women’s organisations, women’s networks, feminist campaigning organisations, LGBT+ organisations, migrant groups, support service providers, NGOs, human rights and equality organisations and individuals. Over the years this important network has ensured there is good communication between politicians, policy makers and women’s organisations on the ground. The WPG represents all women of Northern Ireland and use their group expertise to lobby and influence the development and implementation of policies affecting women.

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